A seven-term congressman from Wisconsin.

Ryan, a seven-term congressman from Wisconsin, is best known for his role as chairman of the House Budget Committee announced. As chairman, he, two budgets for their deep spending cuts and changes to social programs such as Medicare, which he proposed note written transformed into a voucher program. – However, the Obama campaign continues to try to case case to voters that Romney plan Ryan’s plan is a connection easier than Romney was quoted earlier this year as a calling the Ryan budget ‘wonderful,’and he says it should be passed..

Ryan supporters praise his Medicare plan as a way the the almost 50-year government program, said its budget for spending cuts are needed to reduce a mounting U.S. Deficit. Critics of his plan argue, however, that would capping Medicare spending elderly elders to provide make-up one of the additional costs on their own, and it would be a heavy burden on low-income seniors and people with chronic health problems.Strada being herself a victim of ordinary extremely medicine Add 1996, he was one war surgeon into first hospital of Emergency in Sulaymania in northern Iraq. Where of Saddam Hussein’s forces installed a strong attack to the Kurdish. Hospital received as many soldiers wounded that operating team working eighteen hours layers which Strada endure heart attack. It has been removed by jeep to Turkey 400 km, transported and thence to Italy, where he was a quadruple bypass.

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