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– Can position Teleradiography by the remote X-ray technologist, patient and equipment to operate the X-ray . – Avatar / Patient Interaction providing a digital representation of the remote technician in the cabin to the patient through the X-ray process. – Teleradiology, the Remi-d images sends remote radiologists for interpretation and diagnosis.WHITIA with Merge Healthcare Partnership and SEDECAL Remi – d world with the common goal of setting up the systems and offers millions of people to develop the ability to receive life-saving screening.

The main limitation of this cohort cohort of evaluable patients was relatively small, thus introducing an element of uncertainty about the particular, specificity and sensitivity of the variables tested. When change accordingly retrieve bone remodeling as is the case herein may receive a combination of markers as a resorption and formation markers informative than a single marker, while double measurement, we carried out may carried out can be used to from the minimize effect intra – individual differences. Nevertheless, the impact of 186Re-HEDP therapy on changes in bone turnover markers be investigated further, including more time points to the course of the course of the metabolic response to the long-term clinical results.

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