China Pharma Holdings revenue decreases 7.

Furthermore, we plan to update the cephalosporin also, and granule production series in our old factories by the final end of the year. Second Quarter Results Revenue for the three months ended June 30, 2015 was $5.7 million, a loss of 7 percent from $6.june 30 1 million for the three months ended, 2014. This was mainly because we had been in the middle of the GMP upgrading process starting from 2014 and, as a total result, we missed some medication tenders in a number of provinces, which affect the sales of subsequent quarters. For the 90 days ended June 30, 2015, our cost of revenue was $4.5 million, or 80 percent of total revenue, which represented an increase of $0.8 million from $3.7 million, or 61 percent of total revenue, in the second quarter of 2014.The rats were installed with goggles that could provide a flash of light immediately after the rat approached a spot made up of a waterspout. After a large number of trials, the rats discovered that they might receive more drinking water from the spout the much longer they waited to lick it following the flash of light, but and then a point up. If they waited too much time, they wouldn't receive any water in all. Soon, the rats had been accurately predicting the perfect wait time for getting the most water.