Compared to a sample of New York and other similar studies in New Zealand and Scotland.

The researchers also challenge the common assumption that schizophrenia is a result of development in developing countries. – These analyzes have identified unique aspects of the expression of schizophrenia in Palau, but more striking to us are the similarities that emerge when comparing the Palauan data with research findings in[ Western] settings, the authors write.. The authors combined quantitative clinical diagnostic tools – of symptoms such as poor impulse control and eye tracking – using qualitative methods such as patient interviews. Compared to a sample of New York and other similar studies in New Zealand and Scotland, their findings challenge the idea put forth by the WHO and other studies, In fact in different developing regions and more benign than schizophrenia in developed regions.

The was developed by scientists at the Weizmann Institute , is ready for immediate use, both for biomedical research and in the pharmaceutical industry proteins andh for proteins that can serve as targets for new drugs. Beyond offering a potent tool that is applicable to any protein, the method has an important advantage over other techniques: It allows the total and precise control over the activity of an engineered protein. Such activity can be brought to a desired level or back to its natural level, at specific sites in the body and at specific times – this is at all accurate and timely doses of the same simple drug.. As reported recently in the journal Nature Methods, The researchers of the process for preparing a series of genetically modified can be screened (referred to as library in scientific language having the amino acid having the amino acid segment in different places.MD – Francesco P. Bernardini, disc – John Cardini, disc – Gopal Lai Verma, disc – Hazem A. El – Sabagh, MBBS – Jerman M. Alqahtani, MBBS – Juan Salinas, MD – Karen Salcedo, disc – Konstadinos Chatzinikolas, MD – Laurentino Biccas Neto, disc – Madhav Rao Kenja MD – Manuel moriche Carretero, disc – Marco Antonio C. Olytho Jr. Disc – Mario Robert Ventresca, FRCSC – Massimo Busin, disc – Matthias Christian Grieshaber, MD – Mehdi Modarres, MD – Miloslav Bozdech B., MD – Sunderraj Palaniswamy, disc – Paul Aron Adler MBBS – Prasan M.