The boronic acid selectively reacts with hydrogen peroxide molecules which release the luciferin.

The PCL-1 probe comprises a light-emitting luciferin molecule enclosed inside a molecular cage of boronic acid. The boronic acid selectively reacts with hydrogen peroxide molecules which release the luciferin, triggering a bioluminescent reaction in the presence of firefly luciferase. In their study, Chang and his co-authors worked with transgenic mice that carried the luciferase gene. – The high sensitivity and selectivity of the PCL – 1 probe for hydrogen peroxide, favorable properties of favorable properties of the in vivo bioluminescence imaging, make an unequivocal for monitoring physiological fluctuations in hydrogen peroxide levels in real time, Chang says. This offers the possibility small-molecule disparate contributions of hydrogen peroxide to health, aging and disease.

This is a significant advance over previous hydrogen peroxide probes. ‘.. Chang and his group have shown that hydrogen peroxide can serve as highly effective signaling agent in vivo imaging achieve this they have a number of hydrogen peroxide fluorescent tags for tracking small-molecule metabolites oxygen developed in living cells, tissues and organisms new with her. PCL-1 probe, They chose the with prostate cancer, and observe variations of the hydrogen peroxide by cancer cells to the amount of by the probe by the probe generated. ‘Allows the PCL-1 probe allows us to study the chemistry in living animals such as cancer and other diseases progress,’Chang says. ‘We can see the probe in the same mouse over time, as to see therapeutics therapeutics and other treatments, its physiology , without doing biopsies or sacrifice the animal the animal.Not prepared to revealing American Wary About U.S. Healthcare Reform.

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