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There is evidence that the overexpression of the gene, the transcription of the DNA DYRK1A . Mr. Azkona confirmed with an experiment with evidence of a transgenic mouse This would overexpression. This would be. Directly on cholinergic neurons and cause damage of Down syndrome with memory and the learning process.

Persons with Down syndrome usually have great problems with memory, that’s just one of the qualities that distinguish them from other people. Especially noteworthy is the low capacity they have for retaining information received orally, but that should be taken on the visual-spatial memory into consideration. This topic has been discussed so far and barely Mr. Azkona decided to accept the challenge. Starting with this differential phenomenon, he has gradually unraveled the problem until he came with the DYRK1A gene.To ensure that Legislature endorses four bills to would restrict abortion access to public; measures Sent to Governor.

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Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Other Bill the state Senate at the Monday selected 24-10 a measure that require physician further information on further information about women who would provide abortion to ,, after AP / American News , abortion in the prohibiting state would, where approved the method the life of the life of a pregnant woman could not. Senate denied changes to accounting, which derogations of rape, incest or to protecting the health the pregnant woman made had. Under the legislation, was able anyone who leading abortion charged with a crime and sentenced to up to two years imprisonment, but women street abortions would not charged.