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While alternative splicing critical segments of a gene, called its exons switched on or off turned on or off, so that the gene to see variations in the protein products, such as for example at different stages of development of a cell. The purpose is to identify these aberrant splicing patterns at the exon level is. Once aberrant patterns of exons have been identified important proteins associated with breast cancer, antibodies designed to locate and identify these proteins in blood samples from patients.

Proteomics the study of all proteins in a cell, tissue or organism , called its proteome, like all of an organism are called genes their genome. The goal of clinical proteomics for early detection of cancer, for certain proteins or patterns of proteins in body fluids, such as blood serum, the cancer may be a long time before the current methods of in a patient in a patient identification signal reveal.Rockman reported that nearly 20 % of which 54th the cases year olds were. Octogenarian that undergone common carotid method was more likely to be female, and had more likely to die in hospital younger patients carotids carotid procedure. There was no overall differences in the prevalence of preoperative symptoms, endartarectomy using carotid arteries stenting of regarding artery, or to rate of periprocedural stroke (between octogenarians patients and younger patients opposite to wherein both in 1.1 %.

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